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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  December 8, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> this week on the journal editorial report. are republicans ready to with plan b or is going off the cliff a better alternative. plus, mayhem in the middle east as worries grow that syria may use chemical weapons and egypt moves closer to civil war. can the u.s. stay on the sidelines much longer? and a military judge moved
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from the trial of ahsan after demanding the army major shave. did the order show bias? >> ♪ >> welcome to the journal, he editorial report. little progress this week in evidence to avoid january's looming tax and spending cuts commonly known as the fiscal cliff. despite a call between president obama and john boehner, the two sides appear to be no closer to a compromise. are republicans working on the scenes on a plan b? wall street journal columnist, dan henninger and kim strassel. you have bean working the phones, is there something going on between speaker boehner and the president? >> no, i think that they are
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nowhere and it's because the president is refusing to budge at all on the top toks ratestopx rates and we'll go off the cliff if the republicans don't acreed to that demand. so we're still at a stand still. >> paul: kim, why is the president so insistent on increasing tax rates? boehner has already put on the table a comparable amount of money to be gained from putting a cap on deductions, about 800 billion over ten years, so such a-- >> look, paul, two reasons. first is ideological. his partisans, his liberal base believe this is somehow a symbol of winning the tax fight and you can only do that by raising the rates on the wealthy in the country and they're insistent on that. the other thing the president is interested in, he wants a double deal and wants to raise tax rates and also take the
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deductions, the closing of tax deductions and upping the ante, he feels if he doesn't give, doesn't demand that, he's looking at a tie of tax revenue down the line. >> paul: he's raised the ante, not 800 billion, but 1.6 trillion. he's got the rest from deductions, but that's a huge revenue hit. >> first, a huge revenue hit, but that's what the president wants. i think what he really wants is tone act the tax rate increases and make them permanent. there's a kind of conventional wisdom that we'll do these things and sometime next year, and even the president says we'll do a more extensive tax reform. that's not going to happen. this is barack obama's tax reform and he's going to raise the rates on capital gains and dividends, responsible even the estate tax and deductions
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and exemptions and he'll be done with tax reform. i think his goal is to make this set of tax changes permanents. >> i think he wants one other thing, republican fingerprints, that is votes in favor of raising rates because he knows if that happens. he decides the republican party and offers some protection for democrats for raising taxes in the next congressional election. >> absolutely. breaking the republican party would be a benefit to this plan, also, i don't think barack obama minds in the tax rates go up on the middle income people as well. >> paul: he's promised-- you're saying-- >> the ultimate win is to have all of that new revenue for the government and being able to blame it on the republicans. >> paul: wait a minute, if you're saying we go over the cliff, nothing happens in december, come january the president will not turn around and insist on
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>> well, things in the middle east went from bad to worse this week with reports to the syrian military is preparing temp cal weapons that could be used against its own people, it's awaiting final orders from president assad. this as protesters clash with supporters of mohammed morsi outside the presidential palace in cairo egypt. in that country's largest confrontation since the uprising of hosni mubarak. we're back with daniel henninger and editorial board member matt comiskey. so, bret. we were told if we did intervene in syria we could
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see chemical weapons used, civil war and radicalization and perhaps a regional conflict. >> now, we have all of those things. do you have imagine what might have happened if the obama administration had intervened early by imposing a no-fly zone at very little cost and risk to the united states over syria, if assad had been gone 12 months ago fwe were now in the midst of a transitional process with an opposition that hadn't been radicallized by the influx from jordan, iraq, from elsewhere. instead, we're having not only the syrian meltdown with serious consequences, but hundreds of thousands of refugees in turkey, destabilization of jordan and increasing inability in lebanon and this is spilling out all over the region, paul. >> paul: what about the president's red lines on-- president obama's red lines, so-called, on syrian chemical weapons before he said, if
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they move these chemical weapons there will be consequences and now they've dropped the moved argument and they're now saying if he uses those chemical weapons. are we seeing a backtracking from the the united states? >> i think the backtracking to our default position which is to do nothing at all. i think it's justifiable that they may have moved these and we don't know why, maybe they moved them to get them out of the hands of the rebels, i don't see why using the chemical weapons has to be the standard by way we should say, we maybe should take an interesting in syria and had 40,000 people killed in syria the past years. >> fair point, but the president made this the standard and he's the one who said there will be consequences if they do something with chemical weapons, now, when you put that standard forward, aren't you obliged to do something? >> well, you would think, if they do use the weapons, it will be a game changer if there are images of a
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destroy destroyed village in syria, but it baffles me why you need the mass murder along with the the mass murder the last two years to really get the u.s., which is supposed to be the world's leader, it's a moral abdication on our part. >> as matt side, supposed to be the world's leader. instead what we're talking about here is a nightmarish case study what happened in an area of the world when the united states is not engaged. and specific incidents when barack obama decided to pull all american troops out of iraq. an unprecedented step at the end of a conflict like that and i think that everybody in that region saw that and went, we can step in order and this is the result. >> do we have any options, bret? >> look, with a more engaged administration, we would be imposing a no-fly zone over a corners of syria and we could destroy assad's helicopters, which he's using against his
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own people and we could try to secure the chemical sites, we know with a high degree of position where they are. and unless we do that, we're going to be facing a deepening nightmare there. >> paul: let's turn to egypt, matt, is morsi and the muslim brotherhood staging, in essence, a coup? >> they're trying to continue -- i mean, it's a block in an egypt sense that he health two years ago, morsi would say to unblock it, to get rid of the courts, the military in his way, i've won elections and it's time to govern this country and the problem is half the country does not agree with him and the other problem, what he's he trying to do will essentially continue authoritarian system in egypt and we should continue to talk about it and loudly about it. >> for a very long time, the muslim brotherhood was always going to do pretty much
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exactly what mohammed morsi is doing and the only surprise is that people should be surprised at all. this is the pattern of most revolutions, paul. the leaders have to assume dictatorial powers. looks at what he's driving to shove down the throats of the egyptian people. this is a constitution that ratifies sharia. >> the problem is not the constitution, it's the process that keeps going through and this goes back to the, you know, the military's screwed this up from the beginning because they didn't know how to create an inclusive process to bring the parties in and sit down and agree how this goes forward. so you open up the polarization, i think it's pre he mature and wrong to say it has to be this way. i think that you assume that the brotherhood can change and the country is changing and when you're seeing, there's real push back it him.
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i think that shows there is a spirit still in egypt that hasn't been killed. >> all right. well, either way, it's deteriorating inside egypt. when we come back, the military judge in the fort hood massacre is removed after ordering the suspect, army major nadel hassan to shave his beard. the latest on that and the efforts three years later of survivors and victims families survivors and victims families if we want to improveeled an our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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>> a military appeals court this week, threw out a judge's order to forcibly shave fort hood shooting suspect nadel hassan and removed the judge from the case and for the
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armed forces appeared that he didn't appear impartial while presiding over the trial, if convicted in the 2009 shooting at the texas army post that killed 13 people and wounded more than two dozen. and hassan appeared that he had to be clean shaven. he says it's part of his muslim faith, but it's army rules. dorot dorot dorothy rabinowicz joins us. you agree with the court's decision. >> it's a long line of strange treatments of major hassan, who was in his career pushed ahead despite the fact that anybody else would have been thrown out of medical school, to the moment they declared the department of defense, after the shooting, this was work place violence. to see this latest installment now is just one long line.
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it should remind us, all of it, of all of our problems with libya, and with the false stories of what that was about, the attempt to immerse us in political correctness as this court's decision did. >> what about the issue of his religious rights which is the essence of his claim here that in fact it violates his decision to shave his beard. >> let me tell you that some years ago, a rabbi was told he could not wear a yarmulkah on a base, and that went before the high court and still, that court was reversed which had given him permission. no, you cannot wear, against army regulations, anything like that. >> so, this is going overboard. >> overboard indeed. >> to appease in essence, a political correctness about the muslim faith? >> this is civilian judges on this court.
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no, these are not army judges who made this decision. >> yes, that's correct, and this is the thing that no one dare speak its name, the same long line. and not just to leave this spot to show the brink of insanity over which we hover. general casey immediately after the shooting. >> secretary of the army. >> not secretary of the army, but-- >> in chief of staff for the army. >> the chief of staff. he said this was a tragedy of course, but the greater tragedy would be if we should have our diversity taken away or undone by this event, and it sounds okay for a second and then you realize, what is he saying? 13 people killed and this, most important? >> and let's get to the issue of this work place violence, exercise an act of terrorism. the victims and their families are saying, it's obviously an act of terrorism, but the pentagon won't define it as such. >> i suspect they don't want to define is as such because
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they don't want to set the precedent. in this case, since it happened on a military base and most of the individuals who were killed were members of the military, that you could say in that these are the ones who are supposed to protect us from terrorism that they deserve compensation. the idea that anybody who is involved in a terrorist act in the united states and dies deserves compensation, i think that compensation would be going far. >> paul: that comes with the definition of an act of terrorism. this may be one motive, but you would argue that-- >> would i argue that everybody that's been shot doesn't have the instance of having the perpetrator shout akbar in the face of all-- and it's called workplace violence? >> this is the sign of a kind of civilizational dysfunction. whether it's terrorism or jihadism, terrorism takes place against civilians, these were soldiers, it was a jihady act. this question arises because
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it's a matter of compensation, who gets what for what particular kinds of violence defined in the regulatory structure and the second is the ability of army to deal with this jihady threat. in 2000 police in london discovered a document that said that jihadies are going to play these games with courts and guess what? they're succeeding. >> thank you all, we have to take one more break. when we come back, hits and tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're committed to offering you tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 low-cost investment options-- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like our exchange traded funds, or etfs tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 which now have the lowest tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 operating expenses tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 in their respective tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lipper categories. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lower than spdr tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and even lower than vanguard. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 that means with schwab, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 your portfolio has tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 a better chance to grow. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and you can trade all our etfs online, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 commission-free, from your schwab account. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so let's talk about saving money, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with schwab etfs.
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>> it's time now for hits and misses of the week. kim, first to you. >> a miss to bob costas who used kansas city linebacker jovan belcher and used the murder of his girlfriend to go on rant on costas the usual nonsense about gun violence, the fact that he said it at all. americans are hit over the
8:29 pm
head with political fights, tax cliffs, spending, and we turn to football precisely for escape and we do not have to hear anybody's political opinions, stick to sports. >> lance armstrong was stripped of 7 tour de france titles this fall and the only american to have won cycling's biggest race, started a group called change cycling now and pushing to take over the international cycling federation, he won fair and clean in the '80s and dramatically and wants it change cycling. if anyone can do it and change the culture of doping in sports, it can be someone like greg lamond. >> paul: james. >> a hit to michigan governor rick snyder he would sign right to work legislation soon on his desk. anyone in in america should be able to choose to support a union and choose not to. >> that's big news,
8:30 pm
potentially for economically in michigan, and means a lot more companies might be willing to locate in michigan. and remember, if you have your own hit or miss, please send it to us at and follow us on twitter@jer on fnc. that's it for the show and thanks to my ponl and all of you for watching, i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you here next week. >> on fox news watch. >> coach ryan,'s got a problem. he has three quarterbacks. the same problem the republicans are having. who is the quarterback, mr. president. >> the quarterback on the democratic side is the president of the united states. he keeps throwing interceptions and we're moving backwards and backward and backward. >> jon: congress doing battle over the budget. republicans say they want to
8:31 pm
cut government spending and democrats say they want to do all they can to push the president's plan, but is his plan good for the country or just good for him? and do the media know the difference? >> a vast majority of our major media in this country is on his side. that no matter what he says, what he does, even though what he's doing is outrageous, that his own party won't support. >> jon: a shocking murder-suicide ends the life of a young mother and a nfl star. the tragic tale making headlines and another round of anti-gun rant in the media. >> ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy. >> did the nbc sports guy go too far? a man gets pushed to his death in a new york city subway. the final moments captured on camera then printed in the paper. is the outrage warranted? and the world media go gaga over big royal news. >> duchess kate has got a crumpet in the oven, i cannot
8:32 pm
wait for the next six months, and every bloody detail. ooh, she's got morning sickness, ooh, starting to show, ooh, she's broken her water. >> on the panel, writer and fox news contributor, judy miller. and radio talk show host, and jim pinkerton conservative magazine and ellen ratner, bureau chief of talk radio news service, i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. if you want to know how broken, our partisan our congress and government has become, all you need to look at is this one day in washington where tonight we're no closer to compromise on a deal to avoid that show called fiscal cliff. >> it was also warm in the nation's capital despite the chill between democrats and republicans. >> president obama dug in his heels insisting on tax
8:33 pm
increase or higher earners. >> and they both agree he that the other's proposals are ridiculous. >> just a sampling of the coverage this week as the media keep a watch on what's done or not to avert the fiscal cliff. >> jim shall the overriding theme in the media seems to be that president obama won the election and therefore should do what he wants and the media seems to forget na john boehner and everyone else won their elections as well and they're a co-equal branch of government. >> i think the media loves the story of president obama's comeback and the new york time describes him as disciplined and unyielding and focused on this and i think there are other media stories as well. the second media story or narrative. which one wants to grow by virtue of the tax increases and get new perspective from the mainstream media and the third is mcconnell and boehner back and forth. and the media want to praise
8:34 pm
him if they raise taxes and. the sort of grover norquist and he's a funny kind much a guy and during the interviews, endearing, and put the burden on him and the third is rebellion and charles krauthammer and steve forbes and the media like that story the least. >> i think there's a 6th story, jim. which is the media that quote progressive media of msnbc, tipping down to the white house to have an earnest chat to chat with the president about how important not going over the fiscal cliff is, and how important it is that they persuade their viewers to lean on those people who oppose them, so that they can actually avoid the cliff. that's amazing. >> you know, the media did not include the people who are not included, there was tom hartman, allen colmes and a lot of people who the white house left out of that meeting
8:35 pm
and in terms of who they put up and put out. media put out the story without doing their homework. >> there was a column by george will, bewitched by obama, even jonathan swift who said that promises and pie crusts are made to be broken and marvelled at the limited shelf life of a barack obama's promise of balanced debt reduction plan. is there any media pressure on the white house? >> there's no media pressure on the white house to explain any of this. in watching this and talking about the pr and how the press is covering the pr especially out of the white house democrats. and the republicans don't have a coherent messenger, what i find fascinating is that the press doesn't cover why obama is doing what he's doing and gets to your point, john. there's an assumption that the president doesn't want to go over the fiscal cliff like the
8:36 pm
republicans don't. and i think that's the wrong assumption. i think the president does want to go over the fiscal cliff and yet, there's no coverage of that whatsoever. bob woodward actually gave a video interview to political this week and said who is barack obama and what drives him? it's not a big mystery at this point. >> the media seem to have no problems supporting the idea of putting higher taxes on higher wage earningers in this country and take a look at this from the california teachers union. >> and ordinary people wondered why rich people needed so much money, the 1% said, don't worry, this is good for you, too. because it will trickle down from us to you. and some day, you'll be rich and then the rules we made for us will be your rules, too. >> and that's ed asner, the actor, voicing that production. what's been the media reaction, jim? >> not much. part of it is i'd be hard pressed on a family channel to describe what we just saw there. you have to look, rewind it and look closely and appear to
8:37 pm
be urinating on ordinary americans which is kind of gross. >> jon: the rich on the poor. >> and if rush limbaugh put that video on his channel, there would have been more explosion. >> jon: this from the teachers union from the most populous state. >> but it's california after all and people are used to over the top in california, whether it's violent video games or people peeing on, you know, other people, i mean, it just goes with the care tri and i think it's up to individuals to decide how they feel about that, on the other hand, i don't want anyone to tell ed asner he can't did it it because that would be interfering with free speech and i'm against that. it's interesting though, if you look the at the media on this whole issue, as in media research center, no, i'm not exactly in their ilk. they're rone, they said that abc news had talked about tax cuts, 17 times, but no one really talked about the spending cuts. and that was another issue that this week was, i think--
8:38 pm
>> and on this ed asner cartoon, what the media is not pointing out. left to engage in the class warfare rhetoric, but what they're not pointing out the evil 1%, the so-called rich urinating on the poor are known as primary taxpayers in california and around the country and without the primary taxpayers they don't have futures or salaries. >> next on news watch, newscaster and sports caster bob costas takes a stand on gun control. . >> handguns do not enhance our safety, they exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation, rather than avoiding it. >> nbc high profile sportsman bob costas, a stance on gun violence and activating debate. did the controversial comments [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans
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>> our current gun control ensure that more and more results of tragedy and more confrontations from loud music from a car will leave more teenage boys bloody, handguns show our flaws aenhancing our arguments and bait us-- >> and that's bob costas calls for gun control during half time of a game ap jovan belcher shot his girlfriend and himself. and costas tried to explain it to bill o'reilly. >> what i spoke about in quoting jason whitlock is a
8:43 pm
mentality. there's a gun culture. >> let's get to that. >> tony dungy, highly respected figure, 80 players before he cut them showed up in training camp, how many of you own guns? about 60 of the 80. they may feel they need it for protection. >> why, do you know why they have them? i don't know. >> they may feel it's part of a romanticized culture, a wild west dirty harry aspect. >> they're macho man and got to have a gun. >> jon: costas made the first remarks on sunday evening about 36 hours after the jovan belcher, music, suicide and the criticism directed to costas for using that platform to make these remarks, what do you think about it, jim? >> well, i think it was kind of strange and especially given the fact that the nfl had been under such pressure for cte, that encephalopathy.
8:44 pm
and the problem is gun control and they go chasing after the gun control rabbit for this, as it were and he's become heavily praised and including by juan williams here at fox. and i think he has a career as a political commentary on msnbc. >> jon: judy is nodding, not sure what she agrees with. >>s he's a sports celebrity no longer mere an anchor, dare i use mere next to anchor? look, he has a right to express a view and people watching the show don't like it, they can turn off or watch a commercial, that is part of a mpattern with him. he noted that the international olympics committee would not have a moment, ten seconds of silence to honor the anniversary of the munich olympics, he's
8:45 pm
prone to political commentary and it's right to do so. >> and also said that he was very smart and knew exactly what he was doing, it was not a mistake, basically and that's an interesting sort of side line to this. >> he did try to back off and he did apologize for using that particular platform, he said that was probably an inappropriate place, people are tuning in to watch sunday night football and they get this commentary on gun culture and he tried to split hairs, not talking about gun control, but gun culture. they're essentially one in the same or what he was doing using the gun culture to advocate for gun control. >> he was shifting, a, away from brain injuries, but the column referred to by jason whitlock, the main burden of that fox news diet come or fox, cancel the game, inappropriate to have a football game 24 hours after the man shot himself and killed his girlfriend so the gun control thing as whitlock
8:46 pm
himself said it was secondary to the main thing, it was horrible and inappropriate to have a football game while these bodies are still warm. >> jon: costas was quoting and paraphrasing whitlock in the commentary if you want to-- >> he said this, too. >> i did not go as far as i would like to go. my thoughts on the n.r.a. and america's gun culture, i believe the n.r.a. is the new kkk. >> wow. >> and that the arming of so many black youths and blowing up our communities with drugs and having an open shooting gallery is the work of people that obviously don't have our best interests. >> that's what kevin whitlock really thinks. is that a guy that bob costas-- jason whitlock, pardon me, bob costas should be quoting?
8:47 pm
>> and the kkk, that injection into this tragic so out of place, the press is not focused on the fact that most of the moral outrage here has been directed toward the weapon, towards gun rather than to the actual killer, that's been a huge part of this story that's missing. >> jon: there are 100 million gun owners in this country. hard to equate that with the kkk. up next, controversy over a shocking image. . >> a man gets pushed to his death at a new york city subway stop. the tragic scene captured by a photo journalist and then published by the new york post. did the paper do anything ♪
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>> this is the scene on monday after the death of a 58-year-old pushed by a homeless man on to the tracks in one of new york's busiest subway stations. the scene caught on video showing the two men arguing on the platform before the push. the victim's final moments also captured by a photo journalist and the image used on the front page of the new york post. the parent of knocks fuse channel. and the headline "doomed" caused a controversy. ellen was it appropriate? >> yes, i think it's appropriate. those are difficult decisions. i happen to have an erotic fear of being in that position, pushed, and i hug something when i'm in the subway and not too close to the edge and i think people have to understand those dangers and i think the new york post did the right thing showing what can happen and how we now have to protect
8:52 pm
ourselves. >> jon: but one of the questions, monica, should the photographer have dropped his camera and tried to help the guy up off the tracks? >> there are two big moral dilemmas and ellen pointed to one, should they have published it at all anded moral dilemma, should the photographer have taken his camera down or taken pictures while trying to help and no one was there. >> and the train. >> and he also. >> you can't pass moral judgment. this whole thing transpired within 22 seconds and people tend to be paralyzed and in the moments where their brain is processing what happened and don't fault the photographer. >> he said he couldn't physically get there in time and even if he had he wouldn't be able to lift the guy up. >> he was carrying 20 pounds of cameras and photography equipment on his back, we don't know how far he was from the platform. i do think the question what about everybody else around
8:53 pm
him. why didn't they help, but it's true, monica, none of us was there. none of us knows how much time he would have had to help and he has an obligation, first as a human being to try and help, but second to take the picture that is going to warn other people about this danger. there is no consensus in our profession which comes first. >> maybe there should be, your responsibility as a human being or a photo journalist, until there is, we couldn't pass judgment. >> and i agree within pass judgment and yield my moment to wesley autry, who 2007 saw the guy land on the subway and convulsions and jumped on the guy on the tracks and held the guy down and they both lived miraculously and he did the right thing. >> the photo took a lot of the heat in journalism circles, but back in the 1960's this
8:54 pm
ran on the washington post and new york times and february 1968, the photo shows the south vietnamese police chief executing a viet cong officer with a single pistol shot to the head. what's the difference? >> well, there's nothing that the photographer could have done to stop that assassination, i think there is a difference between an accident or being in a kocian to rescue someone and covering a political event where you risk having the gun turned on you if you're to save the guy. >> and the photographer and then go back to shooting the guy. >> and journalists should decide ahead of time what they would do, not in every situation, do you save the person or do you, do you take the photo? and that's an interesting question. >> look, the question is, those papers put that story on the front page and had no qualms about what it showed. next on news watch, a big
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we're going to join him and as they pass buckingham palace and the papers shough out the great news. there is the picture on the times. we are expecting. >> outside the hospital, the news of kate's pregnancy a
8:59 pm
global sensation with news crews from all over the world here. the headlines and the reporting are already rampant. >> welcome to the international media frenzy and what the royals have atktd. >> jon: news coming that prince william and his wife kate is expecting. he was admitted to the hospital for morning sickness. forced the early announcement. media frenzy, from the times of london, we're expecting and a nation's joy, a husband's nerves. spoof twitter accounts like this from at royal fetus, current status, dark in here and will update. from at i am royal baby, prince harry. there was crank


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